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Wearing blanket trend

There has been a new fashion trend at KHS, wearing blankets! A lot of us just look and see this as silly, and others see it as comfy.  I asked a few of our KHS students on what they think of this trend and this is what I got.  Some of our blanket wearing students said “ wearing a blanket keeps me warm and comfy, other people see it as being lazy but I see it as carrying home around with me.”  Some other students who don’t wear blankets said “ I see this as flat out lazy! My parents won’t let me leave my house with a pajama shirt on let alone a blanket! These kids also need to think about this, you can’t have a job and go to work with a blanket. It may work now but when we are adults the blankets won’t cut it.”  These are both valid points of view but right now we are in highschool and we all just have to do whatever floats our boats.

The Canned Food Drive

The Kuna FFA canned food drive is here again after helping community members for over thirty years. With the help of the community Kuna FFA is looking to make the holidays bright for those in need. Wouldn’t you like to help too?

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Thanksgiving Food

Everyone loves food especially when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving has many important dishes that make up the holiday feast though they might vary for each family. So what are some of the most common Thanksgiving foods that Kuna Kavemen can’t do without?

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Veterans day assembly

Veterans day is a holiday celebrated across the nation to commemorate our nation's veterans and to show them our respect for everything they do to serve our country. As a high school we are truly blessed to have such a fantastic assembly. Despite all of the controversy of people threatening to protest during the assembly, students, teachers and veterans all seem to have a positive attitude towards the assembly.  One student said, “ The Veterans Day assembly is important to me because it's a great way to learn how to honor our veterans. I feel like without it most of us wouldn't honor them on our own.” A teacher we asked said, “It's important to realize that the people who sit in this gym with us today fought for our rights and our freedom to even be here and for us to even say that we are Americans.” We asked another teacher, one student, and A veteran how they felt about the rumoured kneeling during the national anthem. “As we are all Americans they have a right to protest, it is just that during the Veterans assembly it is unnecessary and disrespectful.” Luckily, the kneeling during the assembly didn’t happen, this makes us think that for those who stayed for the assembly has an immense respect for our troops, so a message to all veterans possibly reading this, thank you for your service for our country. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Sincerely, Kuna High School.

Focus on the History

Have you ever questioned the past? Your past is history, and history is the backstory of life. It explains everything that happens up to a certain point.


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