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What do Sports Mean to KHS Athletes?

Sports can mean so many things to our students. It helped them in so many ways like staying in shape, meeting new friends, and learning new things. But the real question is, what does it mean to them? What happens when starting a sport for the first time? The many sports we have in Kuna are spring and winter sports which can be found on the Kuna High athletic page.

Sariah Gray is one of the many students who participates in the athletics that we offer here at Kuna. She is a sophomore and already has experience with how it feels like to be an athlete. How long has she been doing sports?, “I have been doing sports since the 6th grade.” Since many people have a different meaning of what sports mean to them, what is hers?, “They are fun and give me something productive and challenging to do.” When doing sports, you learn multiple things, what has she learned throughout her time?, “I have learned to play well with others, challenging myself, having good sportsmanship, and having fun!” Last but not least, participating in sports helps you make friends and getting to know others. When asked if she has met more people, Sariah said, “I have gotten to know a lot more people. Being on a team helps you get to know the different people on the team better because you’re practicing with them. Also, you’re spending time with them almost every day.”

Everybody is included in sports, there is no barrier. You get to meet new people, challenge yourself, stay active, and experience many things. Don’t be afraid to participate, try something new, and learn. If there is a point where you don’t make a team in a certain sport, there will sometimes be camps during the summer to help you advance more in the sport. Coaches will also be there to help you find out what is possible for you to grow.

Kuna eSports Club

With the rising attraction of multiplayer games that require cooperation, comes a rise in eSports. ESports can be any game that is played competitively and requires some sort of teamwork. It is most often played by professional gamers. Very soon Kuna High will have their own eSports club.

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How old should you be to work?

As high schoolers we are in this awkward age group that some of us are allowed to work and others are not just because of their age. Well in the state of idaho there is actually no illegal working age it just all depends on the company you are applying for.  Most jobs hire at the age of 15 but applying for a job doesn't just depend on your age. A lot of it depends on your GPA or how flexible you are and what kind of personality type you have.  If you have  low GPA chances are they don't want you because it tells them that you aren't very hardworking and that's not what people want. Your personality affects your job too because if you were to work at Dutch Bros. they want energetic and upbeat kids, but if you are shy and mellow they may not want the kind of vibe you put off. Flexibility is a huge factor because most kids play sports and if you always have practice but need to cover for someone at the same time they may night be too happy that you have to say no and go to practice. There are very many factors that go into applying for a job and we have to be ready for it.

Winter Homecoming Assembly

Our Winter Homecoming just passed by, and in case you skipped out on the assembly, I’ll tell you all about it. The donations went towards a nine-year old in our Make-A-Wish program. His name is Max and he wants to go to Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii. Overall we raised $3025.77, which is just over our goal of $3000. Throughout the week, we had dress up days and CAST sold hawaiian leis and mickey mouse ears, and the money from those went towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The assembly featured our girls’ basketball team, boys’ basketball team and wrestling team. We also watched skits that each grade put together and had judges vote on who’s was the best. They were all Disney themed and many featured students lip syncing and dancing to Disney songs. Then the teachers came out and had their own dance and costumes to Disney songs. While that was going on, one person from each grade were put into a food eating contest where they had to eat banana cream pie, banana baby food and 14 bananas each.  With both scores from skits and place in food eating contest combined, Seniors came in first then Juniors, Freshman got third and Sophomores were last. It was a great assembly overall and very fun, just like the fall homecoming assembly.

What stresses out the students at KHS

Being and feeling stressed out is an emotion that every person at some point experiences. In today's American society kids face a lot of stress on a daily basis, whether its about sports, school, family, relationships, etc, but when it comes to the two things most teenagers get stressed about, its usually about school or family. But what do the students here, at KHS get stressed about? I took a poll on my instagram story of what stresses out students at KHS, Family? Or school? I gave these students 24 hours to answer, 144 people voted. 79% voted that school stressed them out more than family, 21% voted that family stressed them out than school. Making 114 voted school and 30 voted school. Indicating that based upon these results students at KHS are more usually stressed out due to school than because of their family.  


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