Inside The Kave

Inside The Kave

Kuna Students Going to Germany

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This year foreign exchange students visited from Köln, Germany and had a blast while they were here. Now it is time for the students in Kuna to go and visit Köln on May 27th.

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A Look Back on This Year

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The 2016-17 school year is coming to a close, the seniors are leaving and a new class is moving up. We have had a lot of accomplishments during this school year and it is time to show some recognition to those that have succeeded.

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HOSA State


This year, the Kuna HOSA club was able to go to a State competition and compete in many health related events. Kuna was extremely successful at the competition. HOSA member, Kenya Morales, came out on top in her Medical Law & Ethics event and is heading to Nationals; she won a scholarship and became HOSA State Officer. Information was gathered to get insight into how Kuna did at State and how HOSA impacts Kuna students.

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Kuna High School offers many great opportunities for their students. One of them is PTECH. PTECH is an organization that helps high school students transition into college through one of their career programs.  There are multiple funding groups helping PTECH such as, Albertsons Family Foundation and Micron. Here is some information about PTECH, so more people can get insight as to how students benefit from PTECH.

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ASB President 2017-2018

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It’s time for the torch to be passed on to a new set of students to guide our student body for the school year of 2017-2018. On Thursday April, 26th the entire student body except for the seniors gathered in the gym to listen to the candidates for president and vice president of each class, and the all student body (ASB) positions for Secretary, Social Media Director, ASB President, and Vice President. We heard many speeches from the students who feel as if they could truly make a difference in our schools. The candidates for ASB president were Jasmine Limbong, Grace Anderson, and Caden Cobb.


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