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Kuna High School offers many great opportunities for their students. One of them is PTECH. PTECH is an organization that helps high school students transition into college through one of their career programs.  There are multiple funding groups helping PTECH such as, Albertsons Family Foundation and Micron. Here is some information about PTECH, so more people can get insight as to how students benefit from PTECH.

At the beginning of each year, PTECH talks to all Kuna students and explains what PTECH is. PTECH is an organization that helps high school students identify their career goals. They help them figure out their workstyle and their strengths so that a student can design a career path they desire. PTECH offers careers paths in health, aerospace, and technology. To help find a plan for their future, students can take part in PTECH’s Career Map to help them build a Career Path.

Students are able to take part in workplace tours, meet employers from multiple Idaho industries and gain skills that  employers are looking for. Because student Will Miller is apart of PTECH he was offered to partake in an Anatomy and Physiology Lab and was taken on four tours of Northern Idaho colleges.

Anyone is eligible to join PTECH. Students must have permission from parents to participate in the program and should be dedicated to the organization. To apply for PTECH go the Idaho PTECH website and fill out an application. Once that is complete, your parents will receive a permission slip that must be filled out for you to become a part of the organization.

PTECH is a great opportunity for any high school students.. They provide great opportunities for students to get a glimpse into their future career and help them prepare for the industry they want to pursue.

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