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Kuna Students Going to Germany

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This year foreign exchange students visited from Köln, Germany and had a blast while they were here. Now it is time for the students in Kuna to go and visit Köln on May 27th.

The students who are going to Germany have been working hard to take this trip and most have studied German for three years in preparation for this trip.  The students going to Germany will be visiting for three weeks and are going to have a great experience, ranging from learning the customs and cultures of Germany to visiting important landmarks and landscapes. Some of the currently planned events that the students will be doing are going to schule or school in English. They will also be visiting a museum called the Haus der Geschichte, the House of History, where students will learn all about the history of Germany. Another scheduled event is going to Phantasialand, which is basically a spectacular amusement park. Finally the students will visit Munich, where they will see places like the Bavarian Motor Works. This is all in addition to events that the host family brings them on as well.

Overall, it should be a really great experience for the students from Kuna to visit and the students are very optimistic about the trip. If you want to learn how you can go to Germany in the next few years, you can contact Mrs. Eysel for more information.

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