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Freshmen vs. Senior

Seniors, QUICK! Flashback to four years ago when you first started high school. The school was huge, filled with teachers you don’t know, hallways you haven’t explored, faces you don’t recognize. You were a beginner, underclassman, rookie, bottom of the food chain, you were a Freshmen.

Going into high school is the biggest deal ever. If it’s your first year and it feels like everyone is out to get you. Teachers are super strict, upperclassman are pushing you around and teasing you, and the work is harder than you're used to. High school is a huge transition from middle school that you’re definitely not ready for no matter what kind of encouragement you have from everyone around you. All the preparing in the world cannot prepare you for high school.

Upperclassman dislike Freshmen. “All the time they say things like ‘ugh, stupid freshmen’ not to anyone in particular but to Freshman as a whole” says Freshman, Cheyenne McCabe. They shove us into lockers, push us around and whisper things like “dumb Freshmen” or say they “hate” Freshman when all we are trying to do is find our way around high school. Even though they used to be a freshman at one point too.

In an interview with Skylar Henderson, she claimed when she was a Freshmen she got treated the same way. “Freshman were treated like inconveniences to seniors lives”, she then continues to explain how she actually feels, “We don’t actually hate all the Freshmen we just give them a hard time,” In conclusion, seniors are treating freshmen the same way seniors treated them before. They do this for some type of revenge.

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