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Cheerleaders Against Cheerleaders

We all know what it’s like to be judged, or to judge people ourselves. But one of the most judged groups of people are cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are stereotyped and bullied because of stereotypes on a daily basis. But how much of the bullying actually comes from their own team members? It’s more than you would expect.

In an interview with an anonymous Varsity Freshman Cheerleader, she states that she got injured at cheer camp this year and everyone talked badly about her because she couldn’t do certain stunts. This made her feel bad and lose confidence. When asked what nature the bullying was in, she replied “It was all bad things being talked behind my back and hearing it” nobody did any online bullying and hardly any bad comments were said to her face.

This Freshmen Varsity Cheerleader also gets bullied for being on Varsity in general. The girls say she is not good enough and she should be on a lower squad. Bullying within the squad consists of Seniors hating on the Freshmen who made it into the Varsity Squad their first year. Is this because they feel threatened or because they simply just want older girls on the squad?

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