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Easter Jeep Safari

Easter jeep safari started in 1967 by the Moab chamber of commerce, for the first two years the group was only permitted to do two trails, behind the rocks, and the Moab rim. There was no charge or entry fee, and only a Saturday trail. If you wanted to register all you had to do is show up Saturday morning and sign up for the trail you wanted. The Safari was run this way through 1982 at which point the BLM required a permit and insurance. The chamber was no longer able to run the safari and approached the club to run this event.  2016 was the 50th year anniversary and 2018 marks 52 years that the club has been running the safari. Now this event lasts a whole week long and ends on Easter sunday, you can sign up for multiple trails that are rated from a level 2 to a rated 9. The rating system tells you how difficult the trails are, the scale ranges from 1 to 10(ten being the hardest). Every year the safari holds a vender show for all their sponsors to sell their products, and show off their Jeeps. The vender show also holds auctions, this years winner won a $400 dollar gift card for the brand Tuffy security products. If you don't know what Tuffy is they sell jeep security products specifically made for your jeep, like safes you can place in your car or shelves. Easter jeep safari has been running for many years and will continue to be run by the Red Rocks Four Wheelers club, this event attracts jeepers from all over the country to test their toys and have fun doing it.

National Days of April

Who knew that burritos have their own national day? Or that there is a specific day just for rubber erasers to be appreciated? There are so many odd things to be celebrated each day of each month that not many people realize or even know about. Here are just a few of them that are in April.

April 1st, of course was Easter and April fools day. A day to celebrate by dyeing easter eggs but also playing a harmless joke on a friend for april fools. Those special days are pretty well known but there are others that fall in that same week that go unnoticed. For starters, Peanut Butter and Jelly day is April 2nd. April 3rd is National Hug a Newspaper Person Day. If you still have your newspaper delivered to your door then you better go give the deliverer a big hug because today is their day to be appreciated!

Listen up families, April 7th is national No Housework Day! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy this fine spring we’re having. Everybody should mark their calendars for April 9th because that is National Name Yourself Day! Have your friends and family, teachers and neighbors, and everyone else you socialize with call you whatever name you’ve always wanted to be called. If you would like to be a “Carl” for the day? Be a Carl! Say you’ve always loved the name “Jenny”? Be a Jenny! The possibilities are endless on Name Yourself Day.

If you just have had a hankering to get out of Idaho, April 14th is the best time to do so! Head on over to someplace tropical like Hawaii or Mexico and swim with some dolphins! Afterall, it is National Dolphin Day!

Waking up and having to leave your warm, comfy bed every morning to go to work is such a bummer… but not on April 16th when you can wear your pajamas to work! Thats right, set your alarms ahead a few minutes to catch up on some sleep because you don’t have to get ready! April 16th is Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, don’t miss out (maybe ask your boss first)!

There are so many things celebrated each day of April. A lot of the National Days you can participate in. If you would like to know more about National Holidays or what is being celebrated, follow this link (

Crazy Finals Schedule

No one likes finals or the crazy schedules that they bring. The 2017/2018 final schedule starts the second week back after Christmas break and is different than any other finals schedules we’ve seen before. Only four days, three hour classes, and more surprising changes.

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Johnny Hallyday

The country of France is mourning the death of Johnny Hallyday, also known as the French Elvis. Johnny Hallyday, arguably France’s most famous rockstar, died December 5th at the age of 74. Hallyday´s death was not that much of a surprise to the country of France. In March of 2017 he announced to the country of France publicly that he was diagnosed with lung cancer, people in France expected that, given that he suffered from alcohol addiction. France knew that it was going to happen soon but on December sixth when his wife, Laeticia Hallyday announced that he had passed away the night before due to his battle with lung cancer, causing the whole country of France to mourn together. Like Elvis Presley, Johnny Hallyday pursued a career in acting as well as singing. Johnny Hallyday s acting career was majorly successful. He was in over 30 French movies, some of his most popular movies include “Crime Scene,” “Vengeance,” and “The Man on the Train.” May he rest in peace.

Thanksgiving Break: What to Do?

Thanksgiving break is almost here! November 20th through the 24th is Thanksgiving break for the Kuna school district. With a whole week off from school, what is there to do? If you don't know what to do over break here are a few ideas.

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