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Inside The Kave

HOSA Conference 2018

HOSA is an international student organization acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Education and Health Science Education Division of ACTE. Many of our students participate in the club and have great success in it. According to one of our students, the meaning of HOSA is, “An organization for anybody who is interested in the health profession in the future.” Madelyn Perry is one of the many members who contributed to the HOSA conference that occurred on April 11th-13th.

Even though we know that the conference is a big event for our HOSA members, what do our students actually do there, and how do they prepare?, “At the the conference, we each pick two events at minimum. All the events are so different that the preparation process differs a lot. There are knowledge tests that people study from textbooks, there is emergency preparedness events that are more hands on, and there are speaking events that you need to write the speech before hand and a lot more.” What was Madelyn’s experience like, and what events did she contribute in?, “The experience is really fun because you can see all the people who have the same interests as you! I participated in CPR, first aid, and also extemporaneous health poster.” To be more specific of how she contributed to these events, she said, “CPR and first aid has a test first. If you’re in the top twenty, you compete in state for the hands on events. For the extemporaneous health poster, you don’t know the topic until you’re in the event. You have three hours to do the event to the best of your ability.”Of course, teachers contribute to this club, and help support our students in receiving the best luck, so who are they?, “Graves, Anno, Dewitt, and Detherage!.”

HOSA, it’s a future for students with a passion in health professions. Although we are from a small town, we have students who have huge dreams and chase them. We are growing as a town very fast, and so will our students. Once again, HOSA is a an organization meant for anyone who strives for a future in health professions.

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