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Prom is the one time each year for Juniors and Seniors to dress up in beautiful gowns and dashing suit and ties. It’s a night filled with good times, dancing, and sometimes even photo booths to capture your memories. Everyone is there to forget about their worries and only to live in the moment of being young. Although it is only four hours, it feels like forever. High school is full of sitting and studying, and prom is a reason for everyone to have a special night for themselves. It’s a night where we can let all of our energy go, while still looking good.

One of the things that happen before prom are promposals. These are so popular and are always a great thing to experience. Before the night arrives for prom, students usually go out for dinner, or prepare for many hours. Many students do their hair, makeup, nails, etc., and it might sound crazy how students do so much for only 4 hours of dancing, but it’s worth it. One of our lucky students was asked to prom, and her name is Ana Contreras-Paz.

To start off, how did Ana’s date ask her to prom?, “My date decorated my room but asked my family permission first. He hung up white lights in my room and had a poster on my bed that said ‘Will you light up my night at...Prom?’. Behind me was my brother videotaping me. I thought that was the cutest thing.” What does Ana think this year’s Prom will be like?, “I think prom will be really fun and exciting because you get to be elegant and fancy. This is my junior year, so I hope it’s really fun with my date. I’ll be wearing a black long dress, but our flowers will be a dark purple.” Lastly, what are her plans for preparing for prom?, “I plan on getting ready early in the morning by getting my hair done by a friend and make up also. Maybe I will have a day date before prom starts. I haven’t decided where to eat yet, but I hope we go somewhere new and fancy.”

Another one of our students who also got asked to prom was junior, Deanna Cotterell. Deanna’s date asked her to prom in the sweetest way possible! “He wrote on my driveway in chalk!”. In her words, she described prom this year to be, “I think it will be really fun! It’s going to be a great party”. Last, but not least, how will she get ready? Is she doing anything before the big night? “I am doing my own makeup and my friend is doing my hair. We will having a homemade dinner for the night”.

Prom is a night to remember, so don’t waste it or wait for it to come to you! It’s a place where everyone gets together and dances their heart out with friends or a special date. Lots of people don’t really get to do this all the time in their lives so make it happen. To make memories, is to make them happen.

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