Inside The Kave

A Look Into Cheer Tryouts

On Friday the eighteenth of May, Kuna High School had their cheer tryouts. Most boys and girls probably wanted to try out but didn't know what they needed to do, well the coaches hold a clinic two days prior to the tryout. If you’re not sure what a clinic is, basically they teach you the dance and the cheer you need to know for tryouts; they also help you practice your jumps.

  Then you have 2 days to practice for tryouts. At tryouts they put you into groups of four. The returners tryout with returners and newbies with newbies, usually the returner groups start first. When you get called over you have to rally on to the mats, if you're not sure what rallying is, you have to run and wave and scream stuff like “go Kuna!” and you are not allowed to woo, woo sounds like boo.

   Once you get on to the mats you wait for the coaches to tell you what to start, you will usually start with the cheer then on to the dance and after that jumps. If you can, they will ask you to tumble, if you’re not sure what tumbling is, it is cartwheels and backflips. Tryouts are super easy as long as you are confident, loud, and you have to know the dance and the cheer.