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Inside The Kave

Is The Dress Code Sexist?

  With the warm weather arriving so does the dress code enforcements, and each year there is a constant debate on how it only target the girls and how boy only need to worry about if they are wearing a muscle shirt.In the years that some girl students have been at kuna they have only seen the  boys dress coded maybe twice. So the teachers definitely do pay attention to the boys clothing but the girls dress code standards are a little bit more intense, like to shoulders showing, no cleavage , no stomachs, and no butt showing.

  Some girls being dress coded say that they were only wearing running shorts and got dress coded but a girl who is a little bit more than they are didn’t get dress coded for wearing the same pair of shorts. So are the teachers only dress coding girls for being a little bit thicker than others? Most of the girls here feel that the dress code is unfair and other girls don’t really care. Right now we are teaching girls that it is not okay to show anything. When we force girls to change clothes, or send them home because her shorts are too short, or her bra straps are visible. Administration is telling her that making sure boys have a distraction free learning environment is more important than her education.

   Maybe instead of shaming girls for their bodies we should teach boys that girls are not sexual objects. We must understand that as high schoolers we need to figure out how we want to dress; it will help us prepare for the real world as well. Also we have to learn to control our hormones and pull ourselves together. So by letting high schoolers dress how they want too it can teach us that some things are appropriate and some things are not. A girl will learn quickly that wearing something’s may not be the best after wearing it once to school and a boy will learn that maybe wearing somethings make him feel uncomfortable in public as well. By letting kids dress how they would like to is a skill that they will need in years to come, and we will learn it eventually but we need to do it in a less sexist way.  Most people say that the dress code may be directed to females but high school and middle school are not places to attract the opposite gender. It is a place where everyone goes to learn, if you are looking to attract do it on your free time. So, is the dress code sexist?


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