Inside The Kave

The Process of Creating a Yearbook

When you eagerly collect your yearbook on Wednesday, please think of the dedicated individuals who made it happen. Many don’t understand what the students who are part of the yearbook go through. As a person who works not only for the school newspaper, but as well as the yearbook, it’s stressful. Yes, working with many people who you love and creating memories into a huge book is the best but there are moments where we want to just cry. Welcome to the KHS Yearbook, we make the yearbook the best we can for you, while we are also drenched in sweat.

How should I start? Well, I’ll start at the very beginning, where the whole yearbook crew begins to prepare for the sketch of our book. But first, we all have to get to know each other and create a connection to understand our strengths and weaknesses as a team. It’s a team project you see, and if all of us can’t do our part, then the journey gets harder. When thinking about what our book should look like, we think of the school, students, staff, and faculty. Everyone has a contribution to the book, and that’s why we focus on making that happen. It’s get pretty rough in the beginning, but we support each other and have each other’s back.

When it gets to the middle of the year, that’s when we begin to doubt ourselves. You might not believe this but the yearbook is really like a child to us. During this time of the year we cry a lot and wonder if the book will have a good outcome. Also, since we have at least 4 deadlines, it can be hard to work with. We get upset with each other a few times, but I mean, who doesn’t? We’re a team, and teams struggle to cooperate with each other when facing a difficult time. But we have to trust the process, although it’s long, it will be worth it from all the commitment we have made.

Then comes the final stage, where we can finally hug one another and say, “The yearbook is completed!”. After all the hardships, we then come together to celebrate and cry in joyful tears. We’re a team, we struggle, cry together, but have each other’s back. The yearbook is a sacred book to all of us, and none of it would be made without the school, students, and especially the yearbook staff.