Inside The Kave

Seniors and Their Final Days

The high school days are almost over for the seniors. Although some are filled with happiness, some will be sad at the fact that they won’t see the people they have been surrounded with since elementary or middle school. But their work has finally paid off, and there is much to congratulate. After four years of sitting in a desk for 8 hours every day, they can finally be independent and live a life on their own. It’s just the beginning, and they are getting ready to write their story.

If we wanted to get the real feelings about what it is like graduating from high school, Senior, Grace Peterson, can give her perspective. There are things Grace will miss and not miss about high school, so what it is?, “I’m not going to miss the control and drama. I am going to miss my teachers and counselors.” We all get drama at least once in our high school life, but that’s something that shouldn’t be focused on. Like Grace, we should appreciate all the things our teachers/staff have helped us with, because they have been doing this for many years. What will she tell herself the moment she steps onto the stage and receive her high school diploma? “You made it, the determination and time I dedicated were worth it and I can’t wait to start my life.” Since she will be leaving to make her own future, will she find some time to reflect on herself? She responded with, “You can never be perfect, but I think reflecting on yourself is the only way to progress and change for the better.” Lastly, what will she do right after the graduation ceremony? “Take a nap, party, eat and repeat. Deuces.”

It’s just the beginning of her life, but before she goes to the next step, she wants to make some time for herself. The many years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds spent at school are over. Now it’s time for seniors to spend time on their lives. Their story will be written, but only if they want to begin.