Inside The Kave

Spring Fling Recap For Yearbook

It’s a hot, fast, stressful day for all of us. We had the academics assembly, 20 minute classes and spring fling. However, that day was the day to receive our yearbooks and enjoy some time in the sun. Spring fling is a time for celebrating spring’s entrance to our town and enjoying the senior’s last days with everyone. Yes, it’s chaotic, but it’s a time for everyone to escape their seats.

Being in yearbook, there were many books to unload. Also, that day becomes arms day because we carry 33 pound boxes filled with yearbooks. Although we spent about 4 hours setting up, we created our final bondage with each other for the year. It’s a time where we can show off the amazing things we brought for the yearbook to everyone at Kuna High. I guess you could also say that we got to brag about our yearbook being given an award as well, but that’s not important right now.

At the very beginning of distributing the yearbooks, it felt like rush hour. The students were at the gate, and the yearbook team was ready for the stampede. It seemed like they were customer service when multiple students showed up. Also, if you were at the library fines table, you knew that it was a horror story by all the kids lined up in different directions paying their fines.  It took about an hour and a half and the rush died down very fast. Although it was stressful, it was a memorable time to reflect on. It’s was a hot day, but we all got a fun day.