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Inside The Kave

Ways to Get Up Earlier

Alright, we’ve all had those mornings when our alarm clock goes off and the only thing we want to do is take it and chuck at a wall before going back to sleep. Seems like the average Monday morning, right? There is a way to get out of the morning hatred funk we’ve all fallen into, but you’re not going to like it.

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Study Tips

We’ve all been told to remember to study for an upcoming test, but how many of us actually do it?

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The Canned Food Drive

The Kuna FFA canned food drive is here again after helping community members for over thirty years. With the help of the community Kuna FFA is looking to make the holidays bright for those in need. Wouldn’t you like to help too?

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How to Overcome Test Anxiety

There are two different types of test anxiety, the first is low anxiety. If a person has low anxiety, they tend to be nervous about a test but don’t let their anxiety overpower them; they stay in control of their emotions and are able to take the test relatively smoothly. On the other hand, if a person has high anxiety, they have an immediate reaction that can take control of them entirely. They feel panicked; sometimes they get paralyzed with doubt. Their brains can shut down, leaving the only thing running through their head being, I can’t do this. Most people with high anxiety endure the test with high levels of panic and doubt.

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Thanksgiving Food

Everyone loves food especially when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving has many important dishes that make up the holiday feast though they might vary for each family. So what are some of the most common Thanksgiving foods that Kuna Kavemen can’t do without?

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