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Prom is the one time each year for Juniors and Seniors to dress up in beautiful gowns and dashing suit and ties. It’s a night filled with good times, dancing, and sometimes even photo booths to capture your memories. Everyone is there to forget about their worries and only to live in the moment of being young. Although it is only four hours, it feels like forever. High school is full of sitting and studying, and prom is a reason for everyone to have a special night for themselves. It’s a night where we can let all of our energy go, while still looking good.

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HOSA Conference 2018

HOSA is an international student organization acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Education and Health Science Education Division of ACTE. Many of our students participate in the club and have great success in it. According to one of our students, the meaning of HOSA is, “An organization for anybody who is interested in the health profession in the future.” Madelyn Perry is one of the many members who contributed to the HOSA conference that occurred on April 11th-13th.

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What do Sports Mean to KHS Athletes?

Sports can mean so many things to our students. It helped them in so many ways like staying in shape, meeting new friends, and learning new things. But the real question is, what does it mean to them? What happens when starting a sport for the first time? The many sports we have in Kuna are spring and winter sports which can be found on the Kuna High athletic page.

Sariah Gray is one of the many students who participates in the athletics that we offer here at Kuna. She is a sophomore and already has experience with how it feels like to be an athlete. How long has she been doing sports?, “I have been doing sports since the 6th grade.” Since many people have a different meaning of what sports mean to them, what is hers?, “They are fun and give me something productive and challenging to do.” When doing sports, you learn multiple things, what has she learned throughout her time?, “I have learned to play well with others, challenging myself, having good sportsmanship, and having fun!” Last but not least, participating in sports helps you make friends and getting to know others. When asked if she has met more people, Sariah said, “I have gotten to know a lot more people. Being on a team helps you get to know the different people on the team better because you’re practicing with them. Also, you’re spending time with them almost every day.”

Everybody is included in sports, there is no barrier. You get to meet new people, challenge yourself, stay active, and experience many things. Don’t be afraid to participate, try something new, and learn. If there is a point where you don’t make a team in a certain sport, there will sometimes be camps during the summer to help you advance more in the sport. Coaches will also be there to help you find out what is possible for you to grow.

Time Travel Exists?!

People have been trying to figure out time travel since the beginning of time (see what I did there?;). As of right now we do not have a solid machine that is proven to take us to either the past or the future. A man that goes by the name David thinks he has it figured out. He left his family for eight years so he could continue his investigation and work because it is his lifelong dream. He created a machine that he claims only takes you to the future. The “machine” is painful because it is generated using water and electricity.

David claims that he has been to the future a total of 20 times and each time was more painful. He has traveled to the 45th century and says he saw buildings with over 500 stories and ‘flying machines’. While he was on his “investigations” he would look for proof of time machines. He would look out for people working on them or talking about them. In his investigation he found a man who he became friends with. He had also made a time machine,  "His name is Jack Lion Cousteau, this happened in 2028”.

David claims he kows the outcome of the North and South Korean War and has talked to people during the war. He claims to have spoken to a man with a wound in his head from a laser weapon. David has put his life into this investigation but will not give out his whole name in fear that no one will believe him and he will be sent away to a mental-insane-asylum. He claims that he had pictures to prove all of this but Jack would not allow him to bring the photos back.

Time travel is crazy because you never can know whether it is true or not because it takes place in the future. If mankind figures out time travel in say, 2080, we would not know right now. If a man came yelling at us that he has traveled from the future we wouldn’t be likely to believe him because it has not been done yet, but what if in the future they have it all figured out? We will never know until we get there.

Things are never as they seem, for all you know there could be time travelers walking in crowded streets, in your neighborhood, at your work, you never know. If you have a dream like David does, don’t give up on it. He has not given up on his work to bring awareness to his time machine even though many don’t believe in his story.

Kuna eSports Club

With the rising attraction of multiplayer games that require cooperation, comes a rise in eSports. ESports can be any game that is played competitively and requires some sort of teamwork. It is most often played by professional gamers. Very soon Kuna High will have their own eSports club.

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