Behind the Scenes: Teachers

    Have you ever been curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes with your teachers? Ever have those constant
questions of what their lives are like, what silly habits they  have, and what advice they’d give you if they had the chance?
Their world is not merely teaching, sleeping, teaching, sleeping, and so on - but a entertaining cycle of fun, friends, and family.

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McInelly Highlight

Ms. McInelly is our teacher highlight! Ms. McInelly has only been a teacher at KHS for two years, but she has already impacted the lives of her students.  “Despite only being a second year teacher at KHS, I truly believe she will be one of the most influential teachers in the school,” one of her students mentions. Her class is fun, and she  keeps a sense of community and safety. She wants her students to feel comfortable and be able to ask questions, “She cares about her students and even more so the concepts she attempts to make us understand. She teaches us the material of Language Arts through a perspective that is centered around the reality of life.”

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