What the Process of now Becoming a Senior is Like

As you hit the first year of high school, you enjoy the time you have before it gets even more difficult. In my first year of high school as a freshman, I thought of the school as a big place, but now that I’ve grown, it just decreases in size. It always seemed as though the teachers were going very easy on me, and not giving me any homework to do. Let’s just say that freshman year was easy, too easy, and slow. I had very long classes and lectures, but very little work. It was the slowest year I’ve ever had in all my years of school. Freshman year was easy, and not necessarily academically hard, but hard because you’re considered immature and foolish to many. You’re new to everything and how the system works. In this stage of my education life, I was excited to not have any problems like dealing with SATs, senior projects, etc., because I was in the first stage of high school.

Sophomore year hits, and I come back with more confidence. I love all my classes, I participate in more extra-curricular activities, and meet new people. Once again, my first class was P.E., but I didn’t know anyone. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and ask a girl who was a senior to be my friend. She didn’t hesitate and said yes, and today, we still keep in touch. That was the thing about sophomore year, I went out of my comfort zone so many times, I didn’t even realize it! I participated in the homecoming skit, and although I embarrassed myself; I wasn’t really ashamed about it. Football games were also really popular during my sophomore year because all of my friends decided to go, and experience the thrill. None of us really went as a freshman, since we were shy. Although I did do so many activities, I did have some homework more than freshman year, but it was always completed. So far, I was happy about not doing so much work, and didn’t worry about a thing. It was a fast year, with too many enjoyable memories.

Reality hits, and it hits hard. Since I signed up for a college level class, and other hard classes, I knew I was going to challenge myself during my junior year. My first two years were so easy, and now that I’ve become a junior, all of that is gone. I felt like the world was torturing me with the mental breakdowns, many days of homework, and me handling a paying job at the same time. My stress level was way too high, and I needed to learn how to control that. As the first semester ends, I was able to maintain good grades. Second semester has become way less stressful, but still includes a few challenging classes. There are many things I learned for junior year so far, do not fill up your whole schedule with DC classes, do not procrastinate, expect failure, and do not act egotistical if you have gotten to the highest level.

As for now, I’ve already begun on my senior project application. I’ve already signed up for my last 8 classes, and made a promise to myself that I would finish high school with pain, but accomplishment. It’s crazy how I didn’t have to worry about senior projects as a freshman, I told myself, “I only have 3 years left, I don’t have to worry about a thing. Nothing will bother me for a long time.” But a long time goes really fast, and I regret what I said. People were proud that I entered high school, but the older I became, the more sad they had gotten, because I am soon headed to create my own life. I couldn’t really remember the days of the week or the time. The process is so long, but I learned that it goes by so fast. The busier I got, the faster the time went, and I didn’t even notice. It’s a long process, but to be honest, it goes too fast, and you won’t really realize it. But most importantly, remember what kind of mark you left in this school, and if you can either change it or keep making it for the rest of your life.