Is the Pathway System Needed?

As you probably know, every year that you register for your classes, you have to either continue with your current pathway or change it, but are the pathways really needed?

Once you decide what you want your career to be, you choose the pathway that best suits your career choice. The pathways are only meant to help you in getting to your end goal of whichever career you want, but all it does is just automatically add the classes to your course sheet for you, which could be considered the same thing. In some cases, such as the health pathway, it takes up 6 out of 8 of your electives. Many people think that it is too many classes even for the pathway, but according to Easton Laddusaw (after talking about it to Mr. Graves), the school has been looking to change that for a while. A better solution could be to take the system away as a whole, since all it does is simplify the process.

Since all the pathways do is just add classes based on what you want to do, the school could change the system so that you can just choose the classes manually. While that may cause some issues, such as students not being able to remember which classes go to their “dream” career, it eliminates the issue of not being able to change your pathway at all and being stuck in one you don’t want to be in. Currently the only way to change your pathway is to write a different one down on the course sheet, but sometimes the counselors won’t accept that if you are a junior going to be a senior.

There are many ways that the school could change the pathway system, whether or not they remove it as a whole. They could just have an option where you don’t sign up for any pathway. The closest thing to that, as of now, is making your pathway “general.” All that does is make your pathway a foreign language. Currently, there are no plans to change the system. Overall, there are some issues with the system, but nothing extremely major, so it isn’t that large of a deal if it sticks around.