The end of the year is coming up close and people have turned in their registration forms, but there are some new classes for upperclassmen that they might not know about. Some elective courses have been added, like culinary classes and videography classes. There are also new Language Arts Dual Credit classes next year’s Juniors and Seniors can take. Juniors can take Dual Credit Language Arts 3 and English 101 Composition, and Seniors can take Dual Credit Language Arts 4 and English 175 Introduction to Literature Study. Students need 9 Language Arts credits to graduate, and taking a Dual Credit class can also really help you gain college credits you need to graduate college. Throughout your high school years, you will have 8 total language arts credits by just taking the standard grade language arts class, and then one credit will be earned through Speech when you take it your Junior year. So if you get your schedule this fall and decide you actually want to take one of these Dual Credit or Advanced Language Arts classes, you can always ask your counselor about switching!