What Spring Means To You

Ah yes, spring! A season loved by many everywhere, as it ends the sometimes overwhelming gloominess of winter and brings with it a new wave of life.

What once was an endless sprawl of whites and grays becomes a new vivid palette of greens, pinks, and yellows. Birds begin to sing their morning songs, animal life returns to the area, and insects pollinate their newly resurrected plant friends. But what does this mean to you? Why should you care that your calendar just went a page forward and your allergies are now the annual nuisance they always were? It actually means a lot, you just have to dig a bit to find what it means in the first place.

Spring is revered by many cultures and religions around the globe as a revitalization of life everywhere. It is a new beginning for many, where freedoms once taken from us return. Sure, for some this means that the minor things in life come back like being able to enjoy the warm weather or smell the flowers. There is nothing wrong with that, but you can apply a bigger meaning to it. It is a time to form a metaphorical chrysalis around yourself, improve and repair your flaws, and come out a changed person. As life begins to reform itself, so can you!

Here at Kuna High School, we are all at different stages of our life. We all fit into different groups, with varying interests, morals, and beliefs. This is what makes the average human being. There is no such thing as ¬®winter¬® for humans, where we are  too similar to each other. We are each unique individuals with our own capacity to do our duty in this world. So look into yourself, admit that no one is perfect, see your own flaws, and craft yourself the way you want to be, just like the birds, the flowers, and the insects. If you think your grades are poor, or you are in bad physical shape, or you talk too much, so what? Shake the snow off of your shriveled branches, look up to the new spring sky, and realize that a new day means a new opportunity to recreate yourself.