Avoid Summer School 101

As the semester is nearly over, students are getting anxieties about grades and how to get them up last minute. If you are facing summer school here are a few tips to get out of it before the school year ends.

Here at Kuna High, a lot of students have to go to summer school because of attendance. If this is the case for you, there are things you can do to get your credits back. First, you are going to have to write a letter of appeal. In this letter explain which class you want to appeal for and the reasons why you missed too many class periods. Turn this letter into the office and if it is approved you can go to Saturday school to make up hours to get your credits back and avoid summer school.

Another reason kids get summer school is for the more obvious reason that they failed one class or more. If this is the case, stop the problem before it is too late. Get a tutor, help from a teacher, help from friends or other students. You could even ask your teachers for extra credit homework or if there are any ways to get your grade up. Make sure to also turn in all missing assignments and ask to redo the ones you did poorly on. There are always options you just have to put in effort to get the work done and try your hardest to get it done before the semester ends. Using things such as a task to-do list, organizer, and set reminders on your phone to do your homework would also help you out.

At Kuna High there are a lot of options you can choose from to save yourself from summer school. If you stay aware of your grades by checking them often on Schoology, you will be more likely to try harder to get them up. If you realize you're losing credits due to absences then you will put forth effort to get to school on time and all day long.

Summer School can be a drag. You should be outside and hanging out with friends, maybe even go on a few vacations. Summer is also the perfect time to get a part time job. Don’t waste your summer having to go to summer school if there is a chance you can get out of it and learn the material beforehand. If it is not too late try these tips to help shimmy your way out of summer school!

McInelly Highlight

Ms. McInelly is our teacher highlight! Ms. McInelly has only been a teacher at KHS for two years, but she has already impacted the lives of her students.  “Despite only being a second year teacher at KHS, I truly believe she will be one of the most influential teachers in the school,” one of her students mentions. Her class is fun, and she  keeps a sense of community and safety. She wants her students to feel comfortable and be able to ask questions, “She cares about her students and even more so the concepts she attempts to make us understand. She teaches us the material of Language Arts through a perspective that is centered around the reality of life.”

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