Favorite Sport

Sports can be an intriguing as well as a fun time for kids. There are so many sports to choose from.

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How Do Sports Affect Your Homework?

A lot of students in high school and middle school play school team sports like basketball, volleyball, football, track, etc. These students usually have to have their coaches check their grades once a week, and if they aren’t passing all of their classes their coaches will bench them till they get their grades up. Not many student athletes get benched, otherwise the coach would replace them, but it’s still important for their grades to get checked because it keeps the student in shape educationally. So your homework affects sports specifically whether or not you get to play. But do sports affect your homework? You go to school for seven hours and then to practice right after school for two hours, then you go home around five, maybe five-thirty and have dinner for thirty minutes. Now it’s six and you still have to go to bed at nine, so that leaves three hours to do homework and get ready for bed, which includes a five or ten minute shower. Students at KHS are somewhat lucky, we have A day and B day classes, so teachers can’t make physical assignments due the day after you get them, giving you two days to work on it, including class time. Sports take up a lot of your time at home, and with family and religious events you may not get time to work on homework some days. So in conclusion, yes, sports do affect your homework, and they do that by pushing your free time after school so you have less time to work on it.