Should PE be required in High School?

Physical Education is a class most students  have had to take since Kindergarten. For some, this was their favorite class. Playing games such as Sharks and Minnows, Capture the Flag, and Dodgeball was the highlight of some students days. For others, this was the worst. There are always those kids that are not confident in their athletic skills and they are forced to participate. Otherwise their grade is in jeopardy.


According to Patty James High School, 43% of kids do not think PE should be required. 57% say otherwise. But over half of these votes for  PE being required was from students on sports teams. In elementary school teachers and parents argue that PE is important because it teaches kids about their bodies, a healthy lifestyle, and a way to be physically active. Of course the national obesity epidemic is a problem , While that is true and a good point, parents argue that once we hit high school we already know about all of that, how to prevent such a thing,                  “ students understand the important values of staying healthy and being physically active at this point”.  


Does PE really need to be required in high school? In high school most kids want classes that are preparing them for college and careers. Not a period to go play games. There should be PE for teens who sign up to do it but should not be required according to the 5.7% students who voted for there being PE.

Physical Education does have its benefits but learning the same things year after year all the way into high school is just, in my opinion and the 2.3% of students who voted at Patty James High School, believe that once we get into high school we should not be required to take PE classes. There are other classes that fit each student better and will help them prepare for college or their future careers