Favorite Sport took a poll on the ten most popular sports in the world. The top three are soccer placing number one, basketball at two, and cricket placing three. I prefer soccer, but for other people that could be one of the sports that isn’t even on the list. I suspected that football would be at the top of the list along with soccer and basketball, but football didn’t even make the list. Surprising, I know, but Football is not an international sport.

Sports are fun to watch and can be really fun to play, but they can be dangerous. It is rare that someone has broken a bone by sitting on a couch and watching tv. Soccer has been known to cause concussions, but it had also been known to a lot of fun. There has been years of bets and suspicions of what team will win and how many goals the team will place. Even if it is the world cup or a high school tournament, it fills the fans with excitement to see who will win and who will lose. said, “Basketball is a very popular sport played all around the world.” Though,  it is less appreciated than soccer it is still intriguing and delightful. It has less attention paid to it than most sports played on tv. Cricket, on the other hand is placed third. It is less popular than basketball and soccer, but it is a fun sport and keeps the players active and fit!

It is impossible to tell what the most popular sport is because not everyone in the whole world voted on this poll, but there are most common sports.