Why Serena Williams is such a famous tennis player

Every sport has one player that is just so talented at the sport that they make themselves such a crucial asset to the sport that it’s hardly as interesting without them. Basketball: Michael Jordan, Soccer: Cristiano Ronaldo, but what about women’s tennis? The Women's Tennis Association has ranked Serena Williams as the number one best women tennis player in the world on several different occasions.  Serena Williams approached a monumental feat: if she would've won the 2015 US Open in Queens, she'd have completed a calendar year Grand Slam; tennis' first since Steffi Graf in 1988. Making her, according to the best female and African American tennis player in tennis history. In the past 14 calendar years, Williams has won 11 Grand Slams out of the fourteen, resulting in a whopping 20 Grand Slam awards throughout her career in professional tennis, while on average most tennis players win 7 in their whole life and she is only 36. Every single day throughout 2014 and 2015 she was ranked number one, a small loss caused her be ranked #2 for a week in 2016 but she quickly made her way back up to number one but winning another tournament. Other than her tennis accomplishments, she is a very level headed and kind spirited person. Although there are rumors of her being a sore loser it is simply because she devotes so much of her time to tennis. But what is truly impressive is that she manages to do all of this all whilst being a mother, she also won the australian open while eight weeks pregnant.