Current Events

Current Events

What Planets Should We Terraform?

When it comes to colonizing other planets, our best bet is to terraform other planets in our solar system, as other solar systems would take tens of thousands of years to transport people there. So that asks the question: What planets should we terraform?

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Disney vs The Los Angeles Times

Yet another controversy with two different companies has come up again. This time it’s with The Los Angeles Times and Disney.

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Frightened Felons

Prison is a scary place but on Halloween it gets even scarier. On October twenty-seventh the old state penitentiary in Boise hosted its ninth annual Frightened Felons family night. With costume contests, flash mobs, and maybe even the ghosts of inmates it makes for a spooky night.

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Albertson's Trunk or Treat

Everyone loves candy, especially around Halloween time. Well if you are in need of some extra candy the Albertson’s parking lot on Halloween night is the place for you. Sponsored by Albertson’s, Kuna is putting on a trunk or treat.

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November is Alzheimer's Awareness month

It is very well known that October is Breast Cancer awareness month, that October is also Down Syndrome awareness month and that April is Autism awareness month. But do you know when Alzheimer's awareness month is and how you can show your awareness to Alzheimer's?  Do you know what Alzheimer's is exactly?  Alzheimer's is a form of dementia causing problems with thinking, behavior, and memory. Alzheimer's is a progressive disease within the brain; it cannot itself be fatal but complications from the disease can become fatal. Like cancer, alzheimer's has no cure but has some medicine that make the process of the disease less draining and stressful but still resulting with the same results of alzheimers slowly getting worse just at a slower rate. 5.5 million Americans are affected with Alzheimer's so it is immensely crucial have an idea of what this awful disease is and how they can help patients who deal with it. November is national Alzheimer's awareness month, and the national Alzheimer's awareness color is purple!  All Throughout October thousands of Americans wear pink to show their awareness towards breast cancer, but wearing purple during November isn’t something as commonly done, and victims of Alzheimer's could really use the support. This November I challenge you wear purple and to show your awareness of Alzheimer's, you can also donate to help fund alzheimers research at!