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What to do when your parents make you go camping

Not all of our parents are outdoor people and some of us have more down to nature parents than normal. I bet that your parents take you camping when you don't want to. Almost all parents have the most convenient times to plan on going camping too. Most weekends there are football games to go to or your friend’s party to attend. If your parents are going camping, they most likely don’t care who's playing who or who is 16 this saturday, so you're going camping! Instead of throwing fits all weekend you can actually make it fun. I know it’s hard for most teens to be helpful but you could show your parents that you are responsible. Help out with making fires or setting tents up or if you have a camper just ask “Hey parents what can I do to help?” I can guarantee they will be shocked. Unless you're already responsible and help out as much as needed. Most times if you are trying to make the best out of camping it'll work. Remember to control your attitude, being away from friends might make you depressed. Think about it  most times you are on your phone dealing with cyber bullying or drama. When you are out camping there is most likely no service, so you can get away and feel free for a second. Camping is how many parents get away from their worries so maybe you should follow their example and stop stressing about what you're missing out on this weekend. Enjoy what's around you, not what's happening back at home or on social media.  When you Unplug from your phone you might actually notice that there is more to life than a screen.You can always spare a weekend, and there will be plenty more to go have fun.