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Weird Laws

In the United States, it is unknown how many laws there are says Kowal Communications. Laws have been getting made over a span of 200 years. There are roughly 20,000 laws just governing the ownership of guns. If there are that many laws just for guns and it is an unknown how many laws there truly are, imagine how many laws are crazy, weird, and unnoticed.  

Singing any type of popular national and festive song out in public is illegal and you can get charges for copyright infringement. This all depends on how loud you are singing and with how many people. Typically you won’t get a ticket for this, BUT if you do get a noise complaint or are disrupting someone, you will be fined. Think about that next time you are at a restaurant and tell the staff that it is your birthday and they sing “Happy Birthday” to you! 48% of people get ticketed for singing these types of songs in the United States.

There are even some laws in Idaho that are unusual that many might break. In Pocatello Idaho, you are required by law to smile in public. "It is prohibited for pedestrians and motorists to display frowns, grimaces, scowls, threatening and glowering looks, gloomy and depressed facial appearances, generally all of which reflect unfavorably upon the city’s reputation."

In Alabama key parts of celebrating are illegal. Things such as spraying silly string, lighting smoke bombs, for throwing confetting is absolutely not allowed. “Any object ‘the purpose of which is to  create disagreeable odors’ are strictly illegal there,” as said in the Reader’s Digest. Bathing in public fountains is also illegal there for obvious reasons.

In Connecticut you better not even THINK about selling a pickle that doesn’t bounce. In 1948 a law was passed to prohibit selling any pickle that doesn’t bounce when dropped from one foot in the air. This law sure is weird but there is a story behind it. Two men were trying to sell unfit for human consumption pickles and the Food and Drug Administration said only REAL pickles bounce.   

In the United states there are so many laws that are odd and unknown. There are also a lot of laws that we all break everyday without even realizing it. Really simple things like speeding, using free wifi, and littering are all acts that happen constantly but could be prevented and stopped. Other odd laws like the pickle law in Connecticut are not as easy to prevent because not many know about it and I’m sure this law gets broken more than we know it.