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Signs of Animal Abuse in the Community

Do you care about animals? Animals are often abused on the street or in their homes. Animals are supposed to be safe in their homes. Signs of animal abuse are important to know because speaking up about what you witnessed could save an animal in danger.

Obvious signs of animal abuse include impaired body condition or noticeable trauma like open or obvious wounds, congested eyes or ears, and limping or inability to walk and these signs would lead to the animal needing medical help. Some people don’t realize they are abusing animals. Animal abuse isn’t just beating. It includes neglect, hoarding, throwing, etc.

Animals are just as important as humans. They may not be able to talk, but they still deserve the same respect. The fact that animals get ran over everyday is sad enough without knowing that animals are abused everyday and suffer through their lives. Animals that are abused have their whole lives to live with pain.

Some ways of preventing animal cruelty include report animal abuse if you see it, understand the link between animal abuse and domestic violence, teach children to respect animals, volunteer to help animals, support legislations that promotes kindness to animals, etc.

Some people might ask, what about people who eat meat? Should we be vegans? Well, my answer is hunting animals is not abuse because you are instantly killing them and using all the parts you can of the animal. So if you eat meat you are not abusing animals.

There are organizations in place to help animals. These places include the American Humane Associations, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Animals, etc. These places help animals in need of help. They try to  non-profit organizations dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals.