Current Events

Current Events

New Schools In Our District

We all know our schools are overcrowded, and it’s obvious something needs to be done about it. We already have seven elementary schools and we are going to need enough secondary schools to match the population. We have a middle school and two high schools - a traditional and an alternative high school. Now our school district has announced a new high school. The district website states that the new high school will be built on the northeast corner of Columbia and Linder Roads, across the street from Linder Farms. 


Construction on our new high school will start next summer and will be open in the summer of 2020. There isn’t much information on it yet but when it is built, the district will decide the school name, colors, mascot, etc. They will possibly let the students of the school help decide colors and mascot.

Most of us have heard of a possibility of a new middle school, but it has not been confirmed. The thought is that Teed Elementary School will become a middle school again, as it was built to be. Mrs. McGrath - the former Kuna Middle School principal, has become the principal at Teed Elementary School, most likely in preparation for it to transfer to a middle school.

So as you can see, many new changes are coming to Kuna in the next few years, and it’ll only grow.