Current Events

Current Events

School Bus Dangers

    There is an immense number of risks being a student riding a bus, but also in being the bus driver. The risks don’t necessarily refer
directly to either a student or the bus driver, but to what could happen while being on the bus itself. According to Diana Hembree, a contributor
to the Forbes online newspaper, “over 25 million students ride a bus.” Because the bus driver must focus on the road, it is next to impossible
for them to focus on the 20-60 students riding their bus, leaving the potential for many accidents and risks.


    The chances of students being harmed are not only possible to take place on the bus, but also when getting off the bus and waiting at bus
stops. This includes distracted drivers, hyper children, and bad weather conditions which can result in more tragic things. “The most dangerous
part of a bus ride isn’t the ride itself - but getting on and off the bus,” says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Distracted driving
is one of the most risky things a person can do on the road; it is also the number one cause for accidents during the loading and unloading of school
buses. According to Cameron Sito, an author for the SafeStop website, the main forms of distracted driving are “visual, manual, and mental.”
These three categories of risk on the road can take place at anytime, anywhere. The average number of students that ride in Kuna ranges
from 30 - 50 children at one time. As the population of our small town continues to grow, these numbers will continue to rise.

    As of 2013, Kuna witnessed its most devastating, fatal bus accident. Eleven year old, Daniel Cook, died December 5th, 2013, when the bus driver
failed to yield to a truck when turning onto a road. To this day, the tragedy sticks with the community. This is only one example of the incidents that
can occur.

    Is it possible to end the dangerous cycle of distracted driving and risks of riding a bus? The answer may lie in the actions students and parents
take while being on the bus and driving during school-hours. Students who are loud and obnoxious while riding the bus cause for a distraction to
the bus driver, forcing their eyes off the road. Students who avoid committing these acts will improve the amount of diversion the bus driver has
when driving a bus. Parents and students who drive home around the same time buses are out-and-about must also be cautious to notice the yellow
lights flashing, and the kids getting on and off the bus because one mistake can lead to a fatal conclusion.