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Are we in for another Snowmeggedon?

After the snowmageddon of last year, Precautions for mass amounts of snow and ice this winter. The belief was that we’d already have a lot of snow by the end of November, well it’s December and not a single snow day has been used. So, what happened?

 Well, things may be changing soon. According to Farmers Almanac, December is going to have an average temperature of around 28℉ which is five degrees lower than it normally is. January and February are actually expected to be warmer than they have been, at around 31℉ to 35℉.

Unlike last year, the snow fall isn’t expected to start until some time this month, and it’s expected to be around twenty inches, which is almost half of what we got last year. So, unlike last year, we will probably not be getting a full week or more of snow days, but we may still get a few.