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Kuna's Curfew

Did you know that the city of Kuna had a curfew? It is an unknown law, and it’s also rarely followed.

According to the 10-2-1: Curfew, if you are under the age of eighteen it is illegal for you to be outside on any public property after ten o’clock in the evening up until five o’clock in the morning, Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday it’s eleven o’clock in the evening until five o’clock in the morning.

If you are caught outside after curfew, usually you just get told to go home, but you can get more severe punishments. Those punishments include a fine, community service, drivers license restricted, or possibly being detained in juvenile hall.

If you are out after curfew accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or on a errand for them your error is overlooked. Same thing if you are out for a paid profit/job or a designated school activity.

Curfew is enforced systematically, if/when the city’s crime increases or during summer months, it is used more as a precaution to avoid crime in youth.