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Christmas Around the World

Christmas is right around the corner! Here in the United States, Christmas is a huge deal! We celebrate all month. We go pick out Christmas trees, drink hot cocoa, and spend days shopping for gifts for our family and friends. On the 24th we gather with family and kids and read “The Night Before Christmas.” We then go to sleep and wait for “Santa” to bring us presents. Christmas is a bit different in other countries though.

In Jamaica, Christmas day is actually more focused on shopping. Christmas is also called “Grand Market.” In town there is a mix between a festival and a market. There are vendors and stands where you can buy your family and friends food, sweets, gifts, and toys. Around 6 pm is when the big festival starts. Everyone buys nice outfits and parties until the morning, even kids!

Greece celebrates Christmas and Epiphany. Epiphany is on January 6.  Epiphany celebrates Jesus's baptism when he was a man. On Christmas eve, children sing Kalanda’s (Carols) at people’s doorsteps and up and down the streets. Christmas trees are becoming popular in Greece but they mainly have basil wrapped around a cross as a decoration dipped in water. The mother of the house sprinkles holy water around each room in the house from the cross decoration.

In France, their Christmas is similar to ours here in the U.S. They set up a nativity scene like ours but they add in a baker, policeman, butcher, and a priest. Instead of saying “Merry Christmas” the French say “Joyeux Noel.. Wine is drizzled on Cherry wood logs and burned all night long on Christmas Eve and food and drinks are left out in case Mary and Baby Jesus come to their home.

As you can see, Christmas in different countries are all unique. Each country celebrates a little differently but they all have the same over all idea of Christmas. Each group of people around the world have their own religion or ethnicities and with that comes different customs and traditions.