Current Events

Current Events

The Make a Wish Foundation - 2018

The Make a Wish Foundation was originally founded by Frank Shankwitz, Scott Stahl, and Linda Bergendahl-Pauling in 1980 after Chris Greicius, a seven year old boy, passed away from leukemia. Since the beginning, the organization has been dedicated to bettering the lives of those who have a potentially life-threatening illness, by giving them the opportunity to have one of their biggest dreams come true. Each year, Kuna High School assists in making one of these aspirations a reality;  this year our school is helping Max - a seven year old boy with leukemia - whose dream is to visit Aunani, the Hawaiian Disney resort. It has been his wish to experience all the state has to offer, and we hope that you will help send Max to Hawaii.

You might be wondering how or if you can afford to help, but it may be easier than you think;  at lunch in the cafeteria, CAST will be selling stars for $1 each as well as leis and mickey mouse ears for $2 each. Your purchase of these items will genuinely assist in making Max’s wish come true. In addition, you can also show your support during the week of February 5th to February 9th by participating in the dress up days along with attending the assembly, dance, and game that the Kuna High School is putting on:


Dress up days

Monday: Make-A-Wish Monday (Blue Out)

Tuesday: Ohana Tuesday (Squad Day)

Wednesday: Western Wednesday (Toy Story)

Thursday: Tourist Thursday

Friday: Disney Movie Friday



Game: Thursday, February 8th, starts at 7pm

Assembly: Friday, February 9th, starts at 2pm

Dance: Friday, February 9th, 8pm - 11pm in the gym - Hawaiian themed ($10)

Please help send Max to the Disneyland amusement park in Hawaii!