Current Events

Current Events

Upcoming Lunar Eclipses

In case you were not aware, on January 31, an event that took place that is called a blood moon, or a lunar eclipse. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the earth blocks the light of the sun from the moon. This will cause the moon to have an orange or red appearance. However, this can only be seen during the night, making it an easy event to accidentally skip or miss out on. But if you missed this most recent one, there’s no need to worry because there are plenty more to come.

The next lunar eclipse will take place just roughly four months from now on July 27. But before you get excited and start marking your calendar, this will only be visible in Africa, Asia, Europe and partially in South America and Australia. So unless you are planning to be in those areas during that time, or are willing to spend the money it takes to fly to those places, this is probably not what you were hoping for.  

However, on January 21 of 2019 there will be another lunar eclipse that will be able to be seen right here in Kuna. It will be entirely visible in North America and South America. If you happen to be somewhere else during that time, it will also be able to be seen partially in Africa, Europe, and parts of Asia.

In case you miss that one, there are three more lunar eclipses that will be visible in Africa, Europe and Asia, but unfortunately won’t be able to be seen here in North America. There will be one that is partially visible here in Idaho on July 5 of 2020, but can also be seen in states just east of us. Lastly, there will be a lunar eclipse that will be able to be seen here in Kuna on November 30 of 2020.