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The Importance of Poetry

Poetry is an unsurpassable embodiment of both expression and enlightenment. It supplies people with the opportunity to convey their unexplainable thoughts through the simplistic stroke of a pen onto paper, and gives many a way to tell their story in a situation where they may never receive the chance. The lyrical tale is by far more than art, but a language in itself connecting to each individual soul in a variety of ways. Many use it as an escape, but I say it’s an entrance into a different universe all together; where society’s limitations are defiable and anything is attainable. The craft is used everywhere, everyday whether people realize it or not. It’s found in the kind-hearted act of helping someone with their groceries and in the cruel, vicious storms the East experiences day after day. Poetry is not merely rhyming word after word but the act of creating a spiel with every letter written.

Because of how important poetry is to our everyday lives, the KHS newspaper is putting on a poetry contest for all Kuna High School students. This competition will give students the chance to get their talent recognized and express the way they feel without judgement. Students can submit up to two original poems of any style, length, topic, and it could have been written at any time.

Submissions will no longer be accepted after March 21st, 2018, so be sure to hurry!

Any student interested in participating in the contest please click the link below. Information and rules are included in the submission form description:

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.