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What to do when you have no Spring break plans

Spring break is coming upon us this month. Most of us may have plans while others may have no clue what to do.  Well if you have no clue I’ve got a few for you! During spring break this year down in Moab, the Easter Jeep Safari is going on. It is a huge event that happens every year; you do have to sign up in advance because this is a very big event.  Eastern Jeep Safari is an event that takes place in Moab, Utah and it’s where all of the jeepers go down for a week and just go 4 wheeling. During spring break you can always grab a couple of friends and head down to Indian creek and float for the day. You can also always do the classic and have a sleepover with your friends and throw a party! Sometimes your parents may have already made plans for you, but if you don’t want to go you can always just suck it up and go with because you never know, you might have a little fun.