Current Events

Memorializing Gun Victims Assembly

Wednesday, March 14th, was the one month anniversary of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Many students around the nation planned to walk out of their classrooms at 10:00 A.M. to raise attention to mass shootings, and then sit outside of the school for 17 minutes, to commemorate the 17 students who died in the Parkland shooting. However, students from our school went above and beyond for this event and put together an assembly as well. Sarah Vandenbos started this project and her friends joined the train and helped out. Sarah, along with Olivia Webster, Jamie Sugai, Kylie Makris, CiYara Dye, and Emma Gunn got in contact with our Student Body President and Vice President, Caden Cobb and Tucker Heindel, and the district Superintendent, Wendy Johnson and they helped them set up the assembly. They set up a panel and invited the mayor of Kuna, Joe Stear, Idaho State Representatives Matthew Erpelding, John Vander Woude, and Paulette Jordan, who is currently running for state governor, and the chief of police, Jon McDaniel. Two students asked the panel questions from students around the school about the safety of our school and how we can avoid school shootings and/or be safer during them. Then President Caden Cobb gave a speech about our school and how we P.R.O.T.E.C.T. the Kave. Each letter stood for something different: P was for persevere, R was for respect, O was for own it, T was for trust, E was for excellence, C was for courage, and T was for triumph. Not only should we stand for our school and sports teams, but stand for each other. Show respect to others, trust others, encourage others and have courage in yourself. Persevere in your classes and gain excellence and triumph from your hard work. The assembly overall seemed tense, but everyone was silent and very respectful towards the speakers. Anyone who was there surely should be proud of our school and what these students put together.