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Why We Celebrate April Fool's Day

We all know about the first day of April and how it’s supposed to be a day full of pranks and jokes, but we all don’t know about why or where it started. According to, the tradition, formerly “All Fools’ Day,” was popularized by the English in 1700, but the exact origin is a mystery. Some historians believe that it started in 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, which stated that new year started on January first instead of March first. The change didn’t catch up to everyone, so through the last week of March and first days of April, people continued to celebrate the new year and those who didn’t would prank the ‘fools’ who celebrated the new year in March and April, but that was over 400 years ago, why do we still celebrate it now? It must be because the English got a kick out of it and started pranking each other, too, spreading the tradition around Europe. While I listed one case that April Fool’s could have started, there are many more and just as likely cases, we wouldn’t be able to know for sure why this tradition actually started. Lastly, the most common pranks back then were sending others on fake errands, calling it “hunting the gowk,” gowk meaning cuckoo bird, which was a symbol for fool and pinning tails and signs that read “kick me” on each other.