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Boy Kissed by Pope

Imagine you, or someone you care deeply about, develops a terminal illness which they likely will never heal from. It takes every piece of sanity you have to digest the news, and then all that rationality diminishes, leaving you broken. You make every attempt to improve the life for yourself or that person who has the disease, but sometimes the one wish they want can never come true and you despise yourself for being incapable of giving them the thing they want most. Brenda Lombardi was one of these people. Brenda is the mother of Peter Lombardi, who, when he was only the mere age of nine years old, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It wasn’t long until a representative from the Make-A-Wish foundation made a visit to Peter’s hospital room, asking for his wish.

Peter Lombardi wished for the man in white to kiss him like he was kissing all the other children, and according to CNN news, his mother Brenda responded, “Pete, your wish is to get a kiss from Pope Francis?” The Make-A-Wish foundation did not have the ability to grant Peter’s wish, and instead granted his second wish: a lightsaber fight with Darth Vader.

In June 2017, Peter began to heal from his cancer, and as celebration, his parents took him and his three siblings to Italy. They had never imagined that they’d have an encounter with the Pope, and even be recognized by the holy figure, but that is exactly what happened.

Long story short, Brenda Lombardi met a man while on their trip named Butorac, who was friends with a woman, who was married to one of the Swiss Guards (the guards who are in charge of the safety of the Pope).  The woman took Peter and his family to meet the Swiss Guards, and helped in attracting the attention of the Pope as well as lifted Peter when the man went by. As he did, one of the guards lifted Peter and the Pope kissed him on the forehead, as well as let the boy ride in the cart with him, granting Peter’s greatest wish, that he had come to believe wouldn’t come true.