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The Trial of Mark Meechan

Jordan Klaas

Ryan Hurst

The popular YouTuber, Mark Meechan, known under the persona of Count Dankula, has recently come under fire for a certain video he made recently.

Mark Meechan is known for being a jokester, and not taking very much seriously. He makes many comedic videos that some people may find offensive. Recently he has made another video in the same genre, but this time it has consequences. The video in question focuses around his girlfriend’s pug. In several previous videos, his girlfriend has stated that her pug is one of the cutest creatures in the entire world. So, in response to that (as a joke) Mark thought: “What could be the most heinous thing that I could make the pug do so it isn’t cute to her anymore?” His answer: teaching it to become a Nazi. He trained it to do the Nazi salute, filmed it watching Nazi propaganda,  and to get excited to phrases such as “gas the Jews.”

He did this as a joke to both his viewers and his girlfriend. Many viewers did not find this funny at all, and neither did the Scottish government. Mark was evicted from his living space, and had a trial set to determine whether or not he was guilty of hate crimes and disrupting the peace.

It is understandable at first why someone would find this very offensive. Nazis and antisemitism are very bad and can still be found prominently today. However, Mark Meechan is not an actual Nazi or Nazi sympathizer. When the joke is boiled down, it is clear that the message in the joke is “Nazis are horrible, awful people.” He makes his dog a Nazi, not because he likes Nazis or antisemitism, but because he knows that is one of, if not the worst thing he could think of to make his dog no longer cute to his girlfriend. He is not a person that sympathizes with Nazis.

His original trial date was set for the 5th of January, but was set back to mid-March, where the court found him guilty. His sentencing was determined on the 23rd of April. Fortunately, he was not given a prison sentence, however he was given a fine of 800 Euros, which is roughly 1000 US dollars.

It’s a shame that someone who only means to entertain was given such a large punishment for something as simple as a joke. Not only is it “just a joke”, but if he was a Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer, the entire joke would fall apart. Even if you don’t find the joke funny, it is undeniable that Mark Meechan is not a true Nazi.