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Equal Education in Schools Across America

Imagine yourself as a young child being told since they were young that they are just as important as each and every one of us. You thrive in your society, schools, and family believing that you can do anything. Now imagine that as you grow older, you become limited to the things you are allowed to do and participate in because of who you are, where you come from, or what you look like. You are told you are less because of the things you can’t change and that you will never amount to much more than the dirt under the feet of those who are supposedly better than you. Students across America are experiencing these exact tragedies as teachers and classmates alike are degrading a select group of individuals who aren’t as smart as the girl next to them, who have African American or Indian ancestry, who come from a family who can’t afford the simplest of materials, and much more. The problem has grown to an improbable size, and will continue to cause issues in the future if not taken care of now. Each and every person deserves the chance at an education equal to that of everyone else, no matter who they are or where they come from. With the help from you, the students’ futures across America will divert the path of poverty and pain to the journey of success and prosperity.

Schools across the nation have neglected the constitutional right of an equal education for certain students, whether it be by a teacher, student, or the administration. Whether it be handing out awards or grading a test, students’ successes are limited because of personal biases within the school. Without people standing up to this urgent issue, students will continue to be discriminated and removed as an accepted member of society. If everything you have known and learned was taken away from you, your identity and who you are would be as well. You’d know nothing, have nothing, be nothing. Our education and the things we are taught throughout our life are the building blocks to the person we are and how our life will play out. The more we know, the better person we will be. Students who do not receive an equal education due to variables out of their control are losing pieces of themselves that could find the cure for cancer or invent the time machine. Keeping students from having the same education as the next student is keeping them from being successful, and you not doing anything about the issue is aiding the the unsuccessfulness of said students. So stand up, and use that voice of yours; speak for the people who can’t. Help all students gain the knowledge and education they deserve. Take a moment and educate the people around you, join an online petition, talk to some teachers and gather their opinions about the situation, make a change in the lives of students who are experiencing the discrimination. One action can change the life of a student like you and me.