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The iPhone 11

Apple is the richest company in the world, with a net worth of 900 billion dollars, has always managed to convince the world we need their new phone. The newest iPhone X, that came out September of 2017, was to some extent, a failure.

People thought the look of it was immensely appealing, it was far different from their other products, it has the nicest camera possible for a phone, so what did apple do wrong? It was the price; Apple priced the Iphone X at 1000 USD- 1100 USD, depending on how many gigabytes you wanted. Apple expected to sell 29 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2018 of 2018. They reported they sold less than 14 million. When compared to Apple's iPhone 6, which sold 75 million iPhones in its first quarter of being released.

They made their phones way too expensive and unreasonable for its customers. So the question at hand is, what is going to be different about the Iphone 11? Well, the Iphone XI or Iphone 11 is scheduled to come out sometime in November this year; it most likely will be called the iphone XI, but that is not confirmed yet.

According to, the Iphone XI is supposed to sell for 999 British pounds, which an equivalent to 1,354 USD. Apple isn't usually one to have the most drastic changes in their phones. But something amongst the lines of a more powerful camera and different screen is most likely what is going to be the most significant change about it.