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Current Events

National Days in May

In May there are many holidays that we don’t hear about or recognize but they do exist. Yeah sure we all know about Cinco De Mayo on May 5th and we know about Teacher Appreciation Day, and Memorial Day too! But, there are some unusual holidays this month that I’ll let you know about if you don’t know them already.

May 4th was National Star Wars day. This day is more commonly known as “May the FOURTH be with you day” because a major line in the movie is, “May the Force be With You.” On this day you can curl up with blankets and popcorn and binge watch some Star Wars.

May 9th is national Lost Sock Memorial Day. This day is dedicated to that pair of fuzzy Christmas knee high socks you lost when you were 9 years old or that old sock you lost under your bed. If you are celebrating “National Lost Sock Day” on May 9th then May 8th will also be a day you can participate in celebrating. May 8th is “No Sock Day”. If you hate wearing socks and shoes and prefer to be barefoot today is your day.

May 20th is Pick Strawberries Day. If you have been lucky enough to be able to go strawberry picking in the past you will remember how tasty and fun picking strawberries can be! On May 20th celebrate by going to a strawberry field with your family or friends and enjoy the nice hot day while eating… I mean picking…  a bunch of strawberries to take home and make pies, pink lemonade, or just to eat by themselves.

There are wacky holidays every day that just about anyone can participate in. If you are interested in seeing the entire schedule each month you can check .