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Keeping Your Best Friends Cool This Summer Season!

Summer is a time meant for a break from school, a break from the treacherous winters, and a time for dehydration, heat stroke, and the scorching summer sun. It’s not hard to find solutions to these seasonal problems. Dehydration? Drink some water! Heat stroke? Again, drink the water and keep yourself cool. Scorching summer sun? SPF 100 is truly a blessing to this world. But what about our best friends? Our pets and animals who we love and care deeply about often go hours in the 90-100 degree weather without their owners realizing the need for their best friends to come inside, have a drink of water, and just rest in the air conditioned home. According to, the official website for the humane society, thousands of pets die each year from being left outside in the summer sun as well as hundreds of dogs being left in vehicles to roast while temperatures raise from 85 degrees, to a whopping 102 degrees in a matter of minutes. The tragedies are horrible, and the people that these animals trust and care for most are ultimately the ones responsible for the events. Because the issue is so great, here are some tips for keeping your animals safe this summer:


If you follow these simple tips and tricks, you and your pets will make it through the hot summer months and into the new year!