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Joining FFA and Attending the Trip to Moscow

The FFA organization is more than a club for young farmers and agriculturists to gain more knowledge and skills related to the agriculture industry of America. It’s a community that stretches nationwide and includes people from various backgrounds and strives to help students develop necessary qualities of leadership which individuals should always possess.


One of the many opportunities that the Kuna FFA provides to anyone who joins the organization is the opportunity to take a trip up North to Moscow, Idaho. The trip includes a route into Washington and Oregon to visit a variety of national monuments, up to Moscow to participate in the competitions they are holding there as well as make new friends from other chapters, and back down through Idaho stopping at various sightseeing areas.

You might be wondering, “how can I join FFA?”, “Is it possible for me to attend Moscow in the upcoming year?”, “Do you have to live on a farm to be a part of the club?” Well, you’ve come to the right place if these are questions running through your head. To join the Kuna FFA, all you have to do is be enrolled in an AG class at KHS and pay $20.00 to the bookkeeper at the beginning of the year. This will make you an official member of FFA. As a member, you are now able to attend all the CDE practices and fun activities we do throughout the organization. Ranging from the annual Christmas Party our chapter puts on, to the National FFA Competition that is held in Kentucky each year, the opportunities are endless.

If you are wanting to attend the Summer Moscow trip for the 2018-2019 school year, be sure to talk to one of the three ag teachers to get started on practicing for a team. Mr. Blackstock coaches the meats, mechanics, and livestock judging teams, Mr. Dygert coaches the ENR, agronomy, and dairy judging teams, and Mr. Edwards coaches the food science, milk products, forestry, and veterinary science teams. Because of the diversified competitions available for people to compete in, and the amount of teams there are, there’s no doubt you can easily make a team and attend the Moscow Summer Trip if you put in the time and effort.

Now, the final question is, do you have to be a farmer? Nope! FFA is for everyone to join. Naturally, is surrounds the agriculture industry but you do not need to have any background or previous experience in the field. If you want to join, go ahead and do so! It’s a club with incredible learning opportunities, the chance to receive scholarships, attend amazing trips, and make new friends. Just follow the steps, and your on your way to becoming an official member of the FFA.