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Current Events

April's Poetry Contest Winners!

Starting April 1st this year, National Poetry Month 2018 took place where writers took the opportunity to share their ideas and truly write their hearts out. During the month, the Kuna High School held a poetry competition that many students in the school participated in. We would like to thank everyone who submitted their masterpieces and congratulate the winners.

Our first place freshman winner is Kyra Barber-Ash!

Kyra is 14 years old and is heading into 10th grade. She is going to be the Sophomore Vice President for the year 2018-2019 as well as being in JV cheer and advanced theatre. Her favourite class is theatre because she absolutely loves acting. “It’s so much easier to be someone else than to be yourself sometimes,” Kyra states, “I really like poetry just because you get to make certain things sound like other things. For example, eyes and the universe.” Kyra Barber-Ash is an incredibly inspirational person with amazing ideas, and if you ever get the opportunity you should definitely take some time to start a conversation with her!

Our first place sophomore winner is Summer Ericksen!

Summer is turning 16 years old this summer and is heading into 11th grade. Some of her many hobbies include drawing, binging her favourite Netflix shows and movies, hanging out with her friends, and drowning herself in responsibilities and homework. She really enjoys poetry because the form of literature gives people the opportunities to be who they are, while the reader gets to find themselves in the piece.

Our first place junior winner is Zitlali Mendez!

Zitlali is a junior who is heading into 12th grade next year. She is a member of the KHS newspaper, and truly writes some incredibly beautiful and awe-striking articles that allows the reader to become greatly informed and gain the information they need to know, without boring them to death with a tsunami of statistics and facts. If you ever need someone to peer-edit an essay, or give you some pro-tips on your writing, Zitlali is definitely the person to go to.

Our first place senior winner is Amanda Leavitt!

Amanda Leavitt is 18 years old and was a graduating senior this year. Some of her many hobbies include writing, drawing, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. Her favourite class throughout high school has been history, and she was a part of the Kuna High School JROTC. Amanda says that, “I was inspired to submit poems because I love writing and I wanted to involve myself and try something different.” There’s no stopped Amanda in what she loves doing, which is creating art that comes from the heart.

Congratulations to all of our winners and to everyone who participated. I was told it was a tough decision with all the incredible pieces that were submitted.

Want to read these incredible poems? Click on the links below!

Kyra Barber-Ash:

Summer Ericksen:

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