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Summer Time Fun

Summer is one of the most active and bustling time of the year; where children are out of school and hanging about the city, days are longer and nights are shorter causing for an abundant amount of activity time and when people make the most significant changes in their lives. According to a poll done by, 25% of Americans say that summer is their favourite season throughout the entire year. This is the time of year when most outdoor activities take place and when many people are most active, however, a large group of people, specifically teens, stay indoors throughout the summer.. According to a survey where approximately 100 Kuna High School students were asked how much time they spend indoors during the summer, 67.4% of them claimed that after the first month out of school, they spent most of their time indoors due to having nothing else to do with their time off. Because it is such a widespread issue, here is a list of many activities that children, teenagers, and even adults and grandparents can do with their friends and family throughout the season to help them get out of the house and into the summer sun:

Free activities:

  • Spend time around your local area. Go exploring, and see what you can discover! This can be at the local Kuna Greenbelt, Bernie Fisher park, or just walk around town.
  • Visit the library. Not only can it save you money when you feel the desire to delve into a new book, but it also is a good source for free air conditioning during the hot summer months.
  • Go for a hike. Whether it be up in the mountains, or through a mass of trees, hiking is a great way to get some exercise and learn new things you may not have known before. The Camelback Trails in Boise are easy trails to explore, and if you’re looking for something a little more difficult the Quarry Trail at Tables Rock is perfect for you!
  • Develop a new skill/hobby. Ever want to learn to play the trumpet, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to grow a knack for knitting, this is your perfect opportunity!
  • Watch a movie. Things can become extremely stressful and busy during the year, but now that summer is here, catch up on some of the latest films!
  • Hang out with your friends and family. Go to a park, enjoy a nice bike ride, or simply play some board games at home. Spending time with the people you care about most is an awesome way to keep yourself busy during the summer and limit screen time.

Activities that require money:

  • Visit a zoo or museum. As I kid, and even now, I’ve always enjoyed visiting sites nearby where I can discover new and interesting things! The zoo and museum are awesome opportunities to do just that!
  • Go to the gym. Need some exercise? Getting a gym membership or simply attending an outdoor workout class will boost your metabolism and get you the physical activity you’ve been too caught up in work to do.
  • Visit your local ice cream shop. Whether it be the closest old school ice cream shop you can find, or simple ice cream cone from Arctic Circle, getting a little snack with your friends is a good and delicious idea to do with some extra time you might have during your break.
  • Go to a festival or county fair. Throughout the sunshiny season, there are many different fairs and festivals that take place. Look online or ask your friends and family about when and what is available for you to visit. Some events include the Lavender festival, the Canyon County Fair, and Boise Music Festival! You might find that riding a few carnival rides or eating the greasy food is a fantastic way to use up some time rather than sitting on the couch.

Get some of the vitamin D you need to stay healthy, take advantage of your time off, and make this summer, the summer to remember!