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The Fitness Life

Many think that being fit means to have a skinny body, flawless face, and going on big diets. But it’s not supposed to be like that. Being fit means having a lifestyle where you don’t have to starve for multiple days, and having the right kind of strength and health in your life. It’s a journey that never seems to stop, because your always growing. Lots of people do a variety of things to be fit.

Things like cooking a meal with the right kind of nutrients meant to help you live a longer life, or exercising with weights, or even with friends can create the right kind of healthy path to a good lifestyle. So many people have their own definition for what fit means, and they’ve committed to it. One of those people go by the name of Kirsten Peterson, who is a student at Kuna High. When exercising, there is a different amount of time that everyone does it, so how long does she do it for?, “I exercise 6 times a week for an hour and a half at least once a day”. Not everyone decides to be fit all the time, since it’s hard staying away from your unhealthy habits and transitioning to good ones, what happened when she decided to change her lifestyle?, “I chose this lifestyle because it brightens my day in the morning and makes me more awake for my classes. Overall, it makes me feel better about myself, physically and mentally”.

Motivation is key to making sure you always get the right kind of energy you need for the day, especially when someone or something is giving you a hard time. But some might not think that motivation is key. So is it hard for her, and how hard? “I don’t stay motivated. I know I have to be disciplined. Motivation doesn’t last but discipline will if you really work on it. It’s sometimes hard, there days where I just don’t want to workout but I know that’s when I need it the most. I know I will regret it later if I don’t. Working out had changed my life and I wouldn’t go back to any other way. ”. This could help motivate, or inform you on how not just one person goes through this type of journey, but many. Step by step, day by day, there is a possibility that you can help not just your body, but yourself.

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad, it might sound really different for a class, but it’s filled with lots of students who have a passion for getting closer to their relationship with each other, and God. This class is in our high school and meets at The Zone on Deer Flat Rd. It’s a Christian class where the students read the bible, and go through the many books in it. Lessons are also taught as well. It’s honestly like a mini church, filled with loads of people who love to make each other’s day so much better than it was.


The class is very loving, appreciative, and close. They always tell each other anything that needs to get off their chest. If anyone is going through a bad day/time, teachers and classmates will always let each other know that they’re there. You will feel like everyone is family. Lessons can be about anything, whether it would be about the current news, news in Kuna, or something that one of the student’s has been wanting to speak about.


When asked what she liked about the class, Madi Mcfate responded with, “I love being able to read the Bible during school. It helps get me through the week, it’s a booster! Everyone knows you and treats you as a brother or sister.” How does everyone connect with each other?, “The way we talk to each other. We’re all here for each other, and sometimes we like to tease one another. All of us can just be ourselves. We are able to ask each other if we need anything like a prayer”. These are one of the many classes that are available at the high school, and anyone is welcome! It’s an elective and it’s only class is during 3rd period. FCA is completely different from this, since it only meets on a certain day during intervention, and is a club. However, Launchpad is a whole period, and has more activities for you to do in a longer amount of time.


February is National Heart Month

Heart disease is the number 1 killer of men and women in America. Annually 1 in 5 deaths occur due to some sort of heart disease. But the good thing is, according to AHA, heart disease can very often be prevented as long as people are making healthy choices in food and exercise and manage their health conditions. In order to show recognition about the fact that most heart disease is often preventable. February is celebrated annually as national heart awareness month across America. The entire month of February is National heart awareness month, but February 3rd is also annually celebrated as ¨National Wear Red Day”.  All through the entire month of February is celebrated as a month that recognizes heart disease, February 3rd is a day where American citizens wear any shade of red for any piece of clothing in order to show their awareness for heart disease in America. So this month of February and the day of February 3rd I challenge you to wear red to show and spread awareness about heart disease in America.

Women´s March

For centuries, women have been seen as being inferior to men whether its their right to vote, gettign an education, being able to provide their own money, or even buying a house. But, over time, women slowly became less and less looked down upon, to the point of where we’re at today. Still to this day, women still face oppression, such as women still don’t get paid as much as men in the workplace. Example: “ In the Medscape compensation report, male dermatologists reported median pay of $300,000, while female dermatologist's received median pay of $262,500.” According to , women legally are required to remain shirtless in Idaho while men are only legally required to wear underwear, etc. So in order to protest against this and fight for the equality that women truly deserve, American citizens across the US joined together on Saturday, January 21st. Women's march is an annual protest that happens every January 21st since 2016. One of its main motives is protesting Donald Trump and his decisions and how they affect women in America. The main location of Women's march takes place at the capitol in Washington D.C, however, a protest takes place in each state in America at its capitol building. So next year, January 21st 2019, be sure to have your pink hats and your protesting signs ready!



Oprah for president?

¨For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. Their time is up¨.  Oprah Winfrey, a household name across America, left all eyes teary and all mouths wide open. Her speech at the Golden Globes made everyone develop an immense love for her speech about feminism if they didn’t already. But her speech made a large number of people across America wonder, “Could Oprah be our next president?” After her speech started trending, youth across America started several different hashtags referring to Oprah and how they would love for her to become president. Our current president said in a meeting with the Cabinet during a meeting about immigration, “Yeah I could beat her, Oprah would be a lot of fun.” Which promotes the idea that, if Oprah ran, Donald Trump says he could beat her, so let’s see if she can prove him wrong. According to cnn, Oprah said she was ¨intrigued by the idea¨. So what do you say? Oprah for president 2020?

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