Current Events

February is National Heart Month

Heart disease is the number 1 killer of men and women in America. Annually 1 in 5 deaths occur due to some sort of heart disease. But the good thing is, according to AHA, heart disease can very often be prevented as long as people are making healthy choices in food and exercise and manage their health conditions. In order to show recognition about the fact that most heart disease is often preventable. February is celebrated annually as national heart awareness month across America. The entire month of February is National heart awareness month, but February 3rd is also annually celebrated as ¨National Wear Red Day”.  All through the entire month of February is celebrated as a month that recognizes heart disease, February 3rd is a day where American citizens wear any shade of red for any piece of clothing in order to show their awareness for heart disease in America. So this month of February and the day of February 3rd I challenge you to wear red to show and spread awareness about heart disease in America.